If he decided to stick around after disagreements and wanted to take it slow... does he really want to make it work?

I’m just trying to be calm and let things fall into place. I am willing to put my effort as well. What are your thoughts?


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  • hi, if a guy sticks around after disputes and is willing to take it slow id say yes he is in for the long haul, like you said it takes two, there are no guarantees but it certainly takes two willing people to make something that means something xx good luck xx

    • Thank you! Some people are giving me sh*t, saying he’s only stringing me along but I keep thinking that we need to be good before jumping in relationship

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    • This is exactly what I told my friend last night... I tend to talk the issues rather than the positive things with friends for feedback. He doesn’t like how I keep things bottled in and bring them up at the wrong time, I dislike him repeating things. We talked it through, we have so many misunderstandings but we are getting along and communicating way better.

      I really appreciate your feedback.

      Today I met his friend along with the guy’s wife, I like that they know about me and want to meet me.

    • your anon but if you would pm me id be interested if you were? in communication a classic way to talk is to wrap up a more challenging negative issue between two more positive expressions like an emotional sandwich which hopefully ensures the receiver of your kind intent and consideration... xx

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