Why would a girl get mad at u for asking her out?

I've been talking to her for about 2 weeks and asked her iut yesterday and she got mad and won't talk to me


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  • There has to be more to this Story.

    • me and her have been talking for about 2 weeks i asked her out and she got mad and won't talk to me everything was going amazing she liked me i liked her i just dont know what happened

    • at first i thought maybe its too early? but im not sure

    • She shouldn't have gotten mad, though. That's really strange.

      Just leave her alone. If she wants to talk to you, she knows where to find you

  • Fuck (not literally) her. Move on.

    • bro she even asked me why i didn't tell her i liked her sooner and i told her didn't have much confidence and she said i gotta get some and i said ok and then boom i try to have confidence in my self and asked her out and the shit blew right back in my face

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    • will do thanks for the support ✌🏽

    • Mention not! 🤜🤛

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