What does a guy think, when you tell him you can’t get over him?


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  • he probably thinks :
    f... off from me , i dont wanted you thats why i broke up with you
    if u can't deal with ur "feelings" u got some problems
    or meaby its just me i never get attached to people this much
    people come and go ifu can't deal with it u will be a lonely person because not every guy will be with you for a lifetime
    if u find the one that will that good for you but 90% of guys dont want relationships or marriage , its just not worth the effort
    but im in a relationship because i wanted a girlfriend for long term not just "for funn"

  • The guy thinks "I need to rewatch that Clint Eastwood movie 'Play Misty For Me' or that Michael Douglas / Glenn Close / Anne Archer movie 'Fatal Attraction' and buy a handgun before she starts killing my friends or boiling my bunnies."


  • Ill tell her what the heck that supposed to mean.


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