3 stages of women in online dating?

20's where they selectively ride any dick they meet.
30's where they settle down and look for a guy with a solid income for them and or their illegitimate kids from their 20's
40's where they are now on the backside of youth and beauty. Kids are either mostly grown or over 18 and now are actively pursuing those the rejected in their 20's or most guys the even feign interest in them.
Does this about sun it up? true or false?


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  • If that's your true view on women then you sir are an arse

    • Not a view mam just a formulated opinion. i get messages from a lot of ladies in their 40's... not sure why. See a lot of women in their 30's with kids.. multiple fathers. Low to sometimes virtually no income. And women in their 20's won't even respond. Yet a lot of them have very provocative ahem.. adventurous profiles. what conclusion would you draw? that's why i asked this question though just to see other viewpoints. :)

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    • Ok, So none of you use online dating platforms then? So none of your stories are relevant to the original question. But i'm glad you all found happiness.

    • Actually I've used them and after meeting two blokes and having one try to friendzone me because he was clearly friendzoned himself by they way he kept talking about his friend denise and ghosted by the other after meeting in person a few times, I give up sod the third time lucky rule.

      Admittedly I do have one friend who uses similar sites to get free things from men but she doesn't fall into your category because she is 30 unmarried with no children and a job nor does she sleep with any of the men she meets on the sites.

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  • “20's where they selectively ride any dick they meet.” well that doesn’t make sense. Do they select or ride any dick they meet? Lol

    • they select who they meet. and ride any dick they meet is what i meant. Ergo they meet they're looking to get laid.

    • Damn I need to meet more girls who are in their ’20s xD

    • yup Woman have so much power in their 20s in the 30s men get more power

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  • I say it can ne tweaked here and there but on an embellished point of view its pretty spot on.

  • This is highly accurate, Sooo truee


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