If a guy compliments a girl about her attractiveness, is it pushy for a girl to compliment back? Is complimenting back to aggresive for a girl?


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  • Not all, and it sends a good message that the interest is mutual

  • Just do what your want. Some people only compliment to get one back so I wouldn’t say it’s pushy

  • Yes dear god you would want to compliment someone. You might actually give them a good feeling. smh

    • So your answer is it is not too pushy

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    • I do not want to come on too strong, that is right

    • well let me tell you a guy that likes you as well as a guy that wants to just have sex with you will compliment your attractiveness (since you're 38 you already know this). So his compliment doesn't mean anything other than he's taken notice of you. If you have interest in him and i'm not just talking lustful interest just take interest in his interests If he likes you it will take care of itself. You can't make someone like you you can only put yourself in your best light.

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