Guys, Should I cut him off as a friend after having sex with him?

I have a younger guy friend in my life who I'm very close with. We have a strong friendship and tried having sex a few times. The sex wasn't that good for me, and to be honest, we're not sexually compatible to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though he's aware of this and we talked about it, he still wanted to remain friends. I mentioned it might get tricky because we tried having sex, but he really wanted to still hang out. I gave in and we've been hanging out, but the problem is I worry I'm giving him mixed signals. I feel bad, but our friendship is one of occasional flirty, witty banter. I'm starting to feel he likes me more, and wants to have sex again. In addition, he really wanted me to meet his mother. I told him I didn't want to, but she literally showed up at an event he knew I'd be at. It turns out his father wants to meet me. Granted, he's an only child and they're very protective of him. I told him I didn't want to meet his parents unless we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but he seems to be pushing it. Should I make the hard decision to cut him off? I think maybe someone is going to get hurt in this situation.


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  • No, I think you should make him aware that you are not interested in anything but platonic friendship under any circumstances. Would he take it to heart if you made that clear?

    • I don't think he gets it because he still comes across as hoping there's a chance for more sex. For example, the other day we were playing a board game. I jokingly said "screw you" and he replied "I wish you would" in a serious tone.

    • Yeah, it is hard to go back to being platonic only after having had sex with a Woman. I think this will really hurt him, though, more if you cut him off as even a friend.

      Sex gets better over time, but I think you are correct that he is not a potential boyfriend.

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  • If you are thinking of just dropping him as a friend, then it's probably worth while to have a serious discussion with him about how things are, and how they will be. Platonic relationship. No more end around runs to meet family, or whatever, when you say you don't want to. Either he will abide by the rules, or he will be out of the picture. Having the discussion might save a friendship. However, if you just want to end the friendship, then there's no reason to go through the hoops. Just tell him the friendship isn't working, and why, and leave. But you said you are close to him, so it should be worth a try to work it out.

  • You are clearly running away from a nice guys, might explain why you haven’t had any succes with dating by now

    • Well noted, but what if there's no sexual chemistry?

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    • Good point, but he doesn't seem open to learning. For example, I've given him oral a few times. When I asked him if he would like to give me oral, he tried but got grossed out by it. Another time we had sex, again I gave him oral to please him, but he seemed turned off by the idea of giving me oral. Even after asking him, he avoided it completely and wouldn't do it.

    • Your pussy stinks maybe wash it up. He wouldn’t he grossed out if it didn’t stink. He fucking likes you do you really think he doesn’t want to please you?

  • Why you thinking he will give you sex like pornstar. Give the poor shy guy a chance.. maybe he don’t have experience.. teach him.. seduce him! Make a move on him he will appreciate it. But to cut him off that’s so mean and childish to be honest. And you’ll regret that decision later in life if you did.

    • Yea but he doesn't want to give me oral, but wants oral all the time. I gave him a blow job and he has refused to please me in return.

    • Slap him and sit on his face! Tell him this how you turn on a woman you sexy fucker

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