I’ve given up on love, have you?

I’m 23.
Attractive , shy virgin. I decided I was gonna be brave and go up and talk to this girl. I did she was nice. I’m an idiot that’s not socially adjusted. So I began showing off about how rich my parents are basically.

I caught her staring in the corner of my eye at my laptop screen that had my parents name written. So she’ll probably end up stalking my parents now. So she can find out anything now, e. g where I live.

This is one reason why I never succeed with girls as I don’t feel o can get to close or they’ll end up backstabbing you. I make too many stupid mistakes.
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What Girls Said 2

  • You need to stop being so insecure. If you try getting a girl by bragging about how rich your parents are then you are going to end up with a freaking gold digger. You don't want that shit.

  • Welcome to forever alone club


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