I'm Interested in a girl that has a boyfriend but she complains about him and seems to be flirting with me. How do I proceed?

So there is this girl I recently started talking to that I'm interested in. She's expressed that she doesn't feel like she wants to be with her long time boyfriend anymore, plus calling him a douchebag and saying he dissapoints her in the bedroom so I think she is interested in return.

Is this the kind of girl I should be thinking about dating and, if so, how do I go about flirting in a way that doesn't make me "That" guy?


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  • Sigh!!!
    She has a guy!
    She might bad mouth him, and he might be awful.

    But she has a guy!

    If anyone is going to get hurt in this potential love triangle, it is going to be you.

    I am sorry, but it's the truth.

    Please be careful.

  • don't make a move, just see if she'll break up with him it says something about your loyalty and hers.

  • you are confused. Do what you really want.


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