Roses are red, Violet's are blue, I need some help guys can I ask you?

Ok so it seems stupid but I am dating a coworker and today she took the day off, so she lives in the same town my route is in so I thought I would surprise her and be a bit romantic by bringing her flowers ( bouquet of yellow pink roses). I went to the florist, payed handsomely... Didn't realize how expensive roses are, went to her place... Not home.. so then later in the day I call saying I need to drop something off to see if she's home, she's not... so now I'm stuck with wilting roses and I don't know if I just through them out and tell her what I was doing, give them to her wilted and explain, or forget it entirely... Please help, it seems stupid but I can't stop thinking about it.
Yes but I was on the road working for most the day, so not till later


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  • Instead of roses next time bring her fruit or chocolate or sweets, you would have been able to eat them at least.
    Roses would not have wilted if you placed them in a vase full of water

    • I was working, I do lawn care and don't work near my house or office so there wasn't really any way to do so. Later in the day when I got home I did but still.

    • Buy Fruit or chocolates for her next time. Telephone her how she is doing

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  • They’ll perk back up if you put them on n some cool water

  • Have you put them in water?


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