How to text a guy?

Okay so here's the backstory you don't have to read it to answer the question but for curious minds out there... I've recently added a guy I like on snapchat and doing that took a lot of courage from me. He added me back immediately (like 1 minute later) which was a relief.

We go to the same school and share classes and locker spaces and all that jazz. We talk every like 2 or so months and when we do it's usually just friendly banter.

I have a crush on him that I'm finally confronting. I know he might not like me back and I think there might be a chance that he does but I'm sick of waiting and being passive. I want to take matters into my own hands and deal with this elephant in my life I don't care if he doesn't like me back I just need to know and I need him to know. But I don't know how to actually do that and how to bring myself to text him.

I want to throw him a message on snapchat but that's quite daunting for me to actually do. And I definitely don't want to message him pretending to ask about homework lol that's quite ridiculous.

SO here I am looking for a game plan. What do I text him? When? How? I could just go in and throw caution to the wind and just say hey but what do I say after that, obviously id have to carry the convo but I don't know how to and I SUCK AT TEXTING.

When answering this question (which I hope you lads do) feel free to let me know about how you would like to be texted by a girl who is pursuing you. Would you prefer she asked you to hang out within hours of texting her or within weeks? Etc

Thank you in advance!


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  • Just say "hey", "what's up" or really anything. You don't have to say "I LOVE YOU" or anything crazy. You say you guys only talk every once in awhile, so just ease into it and get to know him better.

    • Can I message you?

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    • I'm not a high enough level to message apparently ):

    • Hey so I texted him the other day by teasing him about something and he responded in a similar way... we continued this for a few hours until he sent me an emoji response to which I didn't know how to reply to so I just didn't respond and we haven't texted ever since. I'm beyond confused now because when we see each other in person like today he always initiates the conversation but if he liked me wouldn't he have continued the convo online that we had I feel like he left me high and dry and I regret not responding but i don't know what to think what should I do should I text him again? But then I don't want to come off as desperate because I've never done this before and it will become obvious to him as I am a shit texted. Need advice help please

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