Relationship logistics?

Relationships last longer when the guy is in love , that’s why they say to women marry a man who loves you more that you love him: His actions will teach you to love him back. Stay away from a man you are crazy about. Even the bible never said anything about a women loving a man. I need yall’s thoughts and opinions on this?


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  • "Relationships last longer when the guy is in love "

    Ummmm, no.


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  • hey, the symbol YIN YANG is a perfect connection, each is individual and contains an element of the opposite... this is the way of the universe from the biggest to the incy wincy tiniest... i too heard that saying be with a guy who loves you more than you love him, that is possible for some but its a cop out for both parties, a sad one too, finding a soul to be your yang to your yin is the best possible option, this way you should be able to see and accept and tolerate each others differences whilst having insight into each other too, plus a little bit of drive each other crazy stimulate the other... i have been through some ltr and had levels of this and although boohoo currently alone for a while i still believe in this... never settle... its not fair on yourself or the other person... xx

    • Well explained, balance is key and no one person should put 90% yet another is applying only 60%.

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