Should I take another chance and go after her?

So it's been about 4 months since me and a girl last saw each other. She removed me from social media and she got transferred to another restaurant and that was her decision because she didn't want to be close to me. (we used to be coworkers). The reason why she didn't want to be near me was because I fell in love with her, and I guess she didn't want to date me because according to her she's not into those "things". I haven't talked texted nor seen her, or at least I think I haven't seen her. But I think she's seen "me" around. I go to her school a lot because I pick up my sister so that might be a possibility. Anyway I decided to check out her Instagram without her knowledge and she's been posting picture with captions such as "it doesn't feel the same" to "why can't it stop it hurts whenever I think of you, when I see you" I'm not trying to get my hopes up with this stuff but I don't know i kind of feel that I should take a shot at trying to talk to her again. What do you people think. Should I try to find her and talk to her or should I just keep going and let life do its thing?


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  • Since she went to some Trouble to get away from you and hasn't made any effort to reach out to you, I would advise you to stay away from her, Forget about her, and move on.


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