What’s wrong with being too sweet and nice? a guy said this about me?

I met this guy at a friend’s wedding and we ended up making out 3 months ago. 2 months ago, he told my friend that I was too sweet and nice and she had to put him straight with how I’m very different. Recently he got back in touch after my friend put him straight, we have been talking everyday for a month, but it has gone quiet again.

What’s wrong with being too sweet and nice? I really don’t get it... I thought we are meant to treat people well but seems like this guy wants me to treat him like crap. I like this guy a lot and I know he‘a attracted to me but his comment has thrown me off and I feel like I should stop talking to him now.


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  • There is nothing wrong with being sweet and nice. Many guys find it very attractive. If you are the kind of guy who wants a nasty woman, then you might find a nice girl incompatible with what he wants. But the problem is with him, not you. Just as some girls don't want a nice guy, they want a bad boy. Of course, after he gets her pregnant, and takes off, things change.

  • Well I don't know about other guys but I personally would love to have a girl who's always sweet and nice. If a guy doesn't appreciate that about you then he's probably not worth your time.


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