This guy was acting super shy when asking for my number. Why?

This guy is pretty outgoing guy. So we were both sitting next to each other. He was talking to me for a while like 15min. Then he's friend showd up and was standing infront of us lol. The friend was quit impatient and seemed to want to leave the scene with his friend. I dont know if they were in hurry. After that the first guy said to me that he has to ask me something. I was like you mean my number 😆. Then he buried his face in his hand like he was shy lol. I did give my number to him.


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  • Because he cared a lot about it. Might have been self-conscious abiut asking in front of someone else as well.

  • Most likely, his attraction to you, made him feel self conscious and shy.

    • Did he think I was out of league 🤔?

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    • What would be the other possible reasons?

    • Again, he could like you, which makes his shy, or he just be confident in many ways, but not with girls, when it comes to starting a relationship of some sort.

  • Two things, fear of slap on his face and rejection

    • The first one is quite irrational lol 😂... Why would I slap him

    • Don't you have these things? Girls make so many things just to put the blame on the guy in these situations. Additionally some even go as far as spreading false rumors to demonize the guy if they don't like them.
      Can you believe that this person the other day got rejected because of his short height for another person when infact he was same as other person (real reason was money for the girl)

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