How important is the first kiss for you?

Whatever comes to your mind when you hear the words "first kiss".

Do you even care about the first kiss?

Do you want it to be special? How? What would you do?

What would the perfect kiss to be?

Do you expect anything to happen? (kind of like a bolt going through your body?)

Do you think movies just made it worse with the expectations about the first kiss?

When should the first kiss happen?

What would be the absolute no-go?



Most Helpful Guy

  • My very first kiss? No. First kiss with the person at hand? Yes.

    Obviously. - What I normally do.

    First kiss there has to be a connection there.

    Read above.

    No. Because if that first kiss is good. There really is no difference than what the movies have portrayed it.

    When the "looks" are exchanged.

    If I don't like them? :))


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes.

    Yes. I have no idea.

    No clue.

    I except me to be thinking "holy sh*t this is awesome!"


    I don't know.

    Someone I'm not attracted to.

  • When I hear "first kiss",I always feel it nice.I hope that it would be a romantic one.And I like the kind of feeling like a bolt going through my body.


What Girls Said 3

  • i don't really care about the first kiss in general because I think it's too played up. but what I care about is the first kiss with the guy I'm currently dating or whatever. meaning for every guy I date, there's always a 'first kiss' between the two of us that will happen, and I really love the feeling just before it happens. just as long as that 'hunger' to kiss that person is satisfied, and both of you feel good after that, I think that's a perfect first kiss.

  • the very first kiss is really no big deal cause your probably both horny so its not that special lol but a passionate kiss with a guy a I really care about is always the best I get butterflies in my stomach,my heart beats in my throat and my knees get weak.

  • I have been waiting for my first kiss until I got 18:) I wanted it to be very special with a person I like alot, and who feels the same toward me)) Now I am 19, and I broke up with that guy... As for me, it's not about first kiss by itself, but more about what you feel during that kiss:)

    p.s. I didn't like kissing for a fist time:) It was weird and very uncomfortable because he tried to put his tongue very deep!)

    • the tongue issue is kind of epic... you have no idea what you do and than you do this and almost suffocate the other person... know what you are talking about :))))