Is he trying to get to know me?

So, I transferred to a new school this year. Before school started, I was trying to talk to people from the school about how it was, so I sent a dm to this guy who goes to school there. He was super sweet, and we talked for about an hour. He said that he’d see me in August. Well, I found out I had a class with him. And my seat was right next to his. I would say things, maybe as a small joke to start a conversation, but he kinda ignored me. (And he’s a pretty shy person, so I didn’t think too much of it) In class one day, one of his friends admitted that he liked me. And he was just like, “Ooh” Well, flash forward and he was talking a little, but not enough to make me think he doesn’t hate me. Then, a few weeks later, my guy friend asked him what he thought about me, and he said, “Yeah, we’re friends.” and then my guy friend said, “Don’t you think she’s cute?” and he said, “Yeah, but I’m not looking for a girlfriend right now.” And I. Was. Devistated. Cause I had liked him. And I thought that meant he really just didn’t like me. The next day, he was so much more talkative, and was even picking on me about stuff. Like, drawing out the H in my name, or about how i clicked the wrong answer in class. He also started sitting at my table at lunch. And I’m like, the only person he really talks to at the table. So idrk if he’s trying to get to know me, or what. but i’m wondering.


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  • Sounds like you want confirmation. Yes i think he likes you. But just go with your instinct

    • thank you.

    • He asked me today if I liked one of our guy friends, who as a girlfriend. & Ik for sure he doesn’t like me. Have any idea why he might ask?

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