Why girls have attitude? Why a boy needs to ask for a relationship always?



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  • 1) Depends on the woman.

    2) Not all guys ask. Some women do ask. Is there enough to make guys like you happy? No and it shouldn't be that way to appease you. Whoever feels comfortable enough to ask should ask.

    Also, some women don't like guys who don't approach because they're either too shy, lack confidence, or are arrogant enough to think women should approach them. There are women like this too, of course.

    3) Maybe it's because I'm a woman and I haven't ever asked a man out (except in middle school), but I feel that if I was a straight/bisexual man and I found a woman attractive (while hopefully being attractive myself), I would simply ask her out. I don't understand the big deal about it because rejection is always a risk. Everyone should know this before approaching.


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