Does the guy I m seeing not like me or is he just immature?

I have seen a guy for 2 months now. He texts me every day about what happened in his life. We live very close but only see each other once a week. I mostly hang out at his home, because he isn't that active, and only invited me to his friend's event once. All we do outside is eating and going to bars. He doesn't know the places I like to go to for dates. He refuses to hang out with my friends a lot bc he is busy with other things. He said we are exclusive but not official because he wants it slow.

I m independent and like to give him space , but at the same time I feel something wrong. He isn't curious about my past or my interests , and he only vaguely said he liked me once when i asked him if he liked me.

Is he immature or he doesn't like me? If he doesn't like me he can just get someone else he likes.


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What Guys Said 2

  • That's too much apathy for a boyfriend. Maybe there is something bothering him, including stuff that has Nothing to do with you. Talk to him, because only he knows

    • I t might be personality tbh
      He and I had an argument about trump taking kids away from illegal immigrants and he told me they asked for it and they shouldn't come to the us
      That's when I knew

  • Simple

    • His behaviour agrees with all the terms in infatuation.
      I guess that's what it

What Girls Said 1

  • Listen to your intuition.


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