Me and my girlfriend are sort of in a argument but it doesn’t feel serious. Am I overreacting?

Since school started back this week, my girlfriend said she thinks it’ll put a damp on our relationship because we won’t see each other as much. I don’t think so at all. I know that I will be making time for her because I want to see her. But it also comes out to me being clingy and she don’t like that nor do I want her to feel like I am. We have been texting and I’ve noticed she’ll ignore my texts sometimes by not responding. And I haven’t questioned her why she hasn’t replied yet. Then yesterday at work, I went to a co worker to ask what happened at school cause my girlfriend asked if I had this guy on Snapchat and I was like no why. She says she was just asking. So I ask the co worker what happened: they started talking about me out of no where and that “guy” was questioning who i am, when do I work, just trying to find me. My girlfriend caught me talking to my co worker about it and she got mad. And it caused me a great deal of stupidity on my part. I shouldn’t have done that. I trust her, not like I don’t. But why not just tell me what happened? And I’ve been trying to reach her but she hasn’t responded yet. What should I do because I’m worrying and overthinking the worst? Sorry for the long post.


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  • Don't go running after her. Let her get back to you and then talk to her to clear up misunderstandings.


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