Is there still a chance for me?

Hello everyone,
There's a girl whom I loved when I was in 10th. Now we both are in 11th standard but in different school. She studies in a hostel far from me and get 10 days vacancies once a year. We both couldn't talk much in std. 10 because she is a little shy and she knew that I love her more than anything. I have her no. and i also tried texting her once but she didn't reply. She did not blocked me yet and I don't want be blocked either because it is the only way I see her beautiful face whenever she changes her profile pic. I was thinking maybe I shouldn't disturb her since she is very concerned about her studies and try my best after she completes her studies. Do you think it's a good idea guys? What do you think will happen? What should I do to make her regret for rejecting me?
This is us..🙄🙄
This is us..🙄🙄


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  • U can't make her regret rejecting you

  • Did she reject u?

    • Yes, she said she don't want to do all this shit.

    • Hmm. Just wait
      U can approach another time when she finishes college.
      That time if she doesn't care much about u, then time to forget her...

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