Girlfriend has isolated herself?

Simply put my girlfriend and I have bad depression and she has those times where she isolates herself from the world for a few days (typically about 2 or 3 days). However it's going on 2 weeks this time and I'm getting nervous. I have been giving her the space that she's asked for and have only texted twice to make sure she's doing ok. I love her and I know she loves me too so I dont think it's a problem with our relationship. I'm just a little worried and I hate seeing her like this. I just dont know how to proceed helping her through this. Any advice?


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  • Is she seeing a doctor about her depression l? A medical doctor or therapist? Maybe ask her about it. Let her know you'll help her make the appointment and go with her if shed like


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  • I've been in the exact same shoes.
    I commend you most on giving her the space that she has asked for and also limiting how much you text message her. You can continue to let her know that you are here for her and when she's ready to talk you'll be there at moments notice. I understand the worry so you can force her hand a little and say that it has been a few weeks and that usually a couple of days is normal and that you're becoming increasingly concerned because this isn't her. Unfortunately you can't force people to talk if they don't want to or are not ready.

    I do hope that she comes around sooner and if she doesn't you can up tick it a bit and say that this isn't healthy for you both because its making you in turn feel isolated. Don't make yourself seem like the victim but let her know that the distance isn't easy for you ether and you want to come together and fight whatever is troubling her together.

    My girlfriend does this too and suffered from anxiety and depression


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