Why do women not want guys until they reveal their true value?

what I’m doing is not a surprise to myself I told people I was gonna be successful and I gave them the blueprint I was gonna follow and now women are actually considering me boyfriend material when for years i was not existent.


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  • I assume it's because most women don't want someone they don't know inside and out, for one, and secondly, if someone is independent, they often look for an independent partner.

    THEN... there's gold digging hoes, too.

    • She knows 👆🏻

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    • @Sienna-Rose I legitimately don’t burn out or get desires I constantly desire more when I work less

    • Good for you, I’m glad! 🙂 It’s unfortunately quite testing for all of us at current times where I’m from, I’m sure it’s only the rewarding aspects that keep people coming back.

  • Someone's who is passionate about what he does is always attractive.


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  • as long as you show them your bank account they will come after you.


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