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I have had a thing with this guy for about a week and he had acted weird as it came to the 7th day and i asked him “do you still like me or not i’m very confused” and he said “idk at this point school is really stressful” let me mind you he was on his 3rd day of school. I mean i don’t understand i’m so caught up on him for so reason and i saw him at the football game and my friends kept going up to him and talking to him but i tried to stay away it gave me too much anxiety. He ended up unadding me after he said he didn’t want a thing but he told my friends that he just didn’t want it now bc of school


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  • He loves you

    • honestly i want to believe that but i think he used it as an excuse to just end it bc right after he started to post all these pictures of other girls

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