Guys, When a man is "willing" to bothers himself to argue with a woman means, he actually "cares" enough?

So.. I have heard about this.

If a man approaches a girl and he is dating her (not in a relationship yet), and one day there are some issues or misunderstanding, so there is an argument.

Lets say the woman feels offended/ insulted due to the misunderstanding and so she starts the argument.

People say that if the guy cares enough, he is willing to "bothers" himself to explain and makes everything is clear and he didn't mean to.

Otherwise he will just not care, say a line, and leave. Literally leave the woman. And stop the contact at all.

Note: because it just happened to me.
But in my case, i didn't start any fight or even an argument. Instead, i neutrally stated that i feel ignored/insulted because he did a, b, c and i felt like wanting to end this. (Because i felt really hurt). I thought he will say something to make everything clear and tried to explaim the misunderstanding and make sure i dont think that way. Instead, he said one line and left me.

I thought we had that little "bond" / "feeling", so he would try to make me understand. He didn't.

He actually doesn't care and not that into me?
I always know and understand guys avoid drama and having an argument with a woman could be pretty exhausting, i know.

But anyway, do you think my statement/question is right for most men?


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  • Meh, if a women plays the manipulation game then many men will walk out even if they care for her and love her. I might not walk out that soon, but the "I felt like I wanted to end this" line seems like hardcore manipulation. Typical woman maneuver of "act the way I want you to or you're not good enough for me". Especially when you add in the "I thiught we had a bond" part. Bullshit, if you felt that way then you would have been looking to understand. You don't seem to care much about him in my opinion.

    • I did not play any manipulation. I did not.
      Sometimes guys feel every thing girl do will. lead to manipulation and manipulation. Not only u sick of manipulation. I am also sick of the games a guy play with me.

      What i asked, does he actually not care & not that into me?

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    • He probably did feel something for you. Again, men don't like women who threaten to leave seemingly to control a man's actions. If you want to leave someone then do it, dont threaten to do it if they don't put in more effort to chasing you and proving they cared. I don't believe you started loving him when he left you, that's not how emotions work.

    • I didn't start loving him when i left him.
      I was in love with him months before i said that line to him.

      I didn't treathen to leave him.
      I stated i wanted to end this.
      And after that he blocked me.

  • No it means he's yet to learn arguing with women is pointless

  • all depends on the situation


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