I love my boyfriend but I feel that he makes me sad more than happy?

I love him like a whole lot, out of all the other guys I've ever loved I love him the most. He's perfect, handsome, smart, and sorta popular. I feel like he doesn't care about my feelings a lot. I don't know if it has to do with my mental illness that I feel this way. He spends half the week with me (sleep over) and the other half to his friends. I feel like he tries to reach out to his friends a lot when we spend time together. I also feel like I love him more but he says its not true. He also has a lot of female friends which worries me.
I feel very jealous too when he hangs out with others and I get insecure because I feel he's too good for me.


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  • He's not perfect if "he doesn't care about your feelings a lot." Caring about your feelings is an important issue.

    • I know but what should I do :/

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    • What can I do to improve my life? I feel like I want to be with him every second.

    • If you feel you want to be with him every second, and really mean that, then you may have an inordinate need to be with someone one, or be in a relationship with someone. If you are too needy, then you tend to be with guys who aren't so nice or not so good, as they are the ones you can cling to first. I'm doing a lot speculation here, but if you find ways of improving your self esteem, doing things that make you feel more competent, and find ways of being more independent of others, especially guys, you will be in shape to pick better guy friends and boyfriends. it takes time. You can start by getting personal counseling. You can also look at what people around you are doing that works. Take a little at a time, and fit it into how you do things, then take another effective thing you see other successful people do, and fit that into how you do things, and go on and on with it. Make reasonable goals for yourself. having goals will help you focus on making the changes you need.

  • You're overthinking this.


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