Does it really make a difference if guy or a girl date a much younger person than themselves?

Some people say age is just a number others may disagree and think age does matter in a relationship or does it matter or not whether you are a guy or a woman?

For example most young guys between lets say 20-25 wish to be with older ladies between 40 and 50 . They say and assure they will treat older ladies like queens and treat them well and respect them as they have to be respected but also they have more energy and makes older women feel young. The young guys say guys who are in that age group I mention of women, do not know how to treat women right, as they only want to treat them for sex and use them and they only think of themselves and not the women.

SOme women do not like to date young guys beacuse they could say is like Im dating my son or I dont want to date a guy who I need to teach things whether in the intimacy or just when we date and hang out it be a waste of time and also they may not h ave things in common so they rather date guys around their age group as they may have more similar things in common due to the age factor.

Do guys really treat women bad when they become older or that is jsut a lie?

What about the same situation i described but on the opposite, young girls dating old guys.


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  • It's often not an issue- it really depends on the two people involved.

  • Older guys don’t treat women bad or young women wouldn’t want to be with us either, and I do like dating much younger women

    • why you think that?

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    • so why Young guys think older dudes are like that

    • I don’t know, maybe they just say it to make older women like them

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