Are girls more shallow than men?

It seems to be a common and accepted thing for girls to say "all men are shallow" but social evidence seems to show otherwise. While guys are more upfront in public about talking about physical traits, they are more likely to ask out girls who aren't what they describe as the "perfect girl" while on the other hand girls seem to save face by generalizing all guys of an undesirable physical trait to all act a certain way. So instead of a girl saying "i only date tall men, short guys are ugly" because that would sound shallow, they say things like "ugh i just can't stand short guys they all act like x, y, and z".

I feel girls are generally more tricky in how they frame their shallowness and project it on men as a flaw the man has because they don't want to accept they are shallow, while guys talk about what they like, but physical traits aren't deal breakers. what do you guys think?


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  • I think it just depends on the person, really.. It isn't fair to say one sex is more shallow than the other, because there are people of every gender who aren't shallow at all. I don't think having a preference is being shallow, but saying that people who aren't your "type" are ugly is. I don't really care what someone looks like, I care more about how I feel around them and their personality.

    • so when a girl says "i feel creeped out by short guys" are you agreeing that it's the short guys fault?

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    • Are you trolling?

    • no, you're not giving a clear definition, you're leaving it totally subjective. A girl can easily say " he's creepy for being short" and according to your logic, the guy is at fault

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