WHEN and HOW should I do this?

I've been absolutely smitten with this Girl I work with for around about a year now. We work together a few days a week, outside of work we speak every so often. I'll make up an excuse to message her something work related, or else just start a random tease and we'll converse from there. We haven't hung out outside of work, but in work were pretty much inseparable to the point where it's commented on, a lot.
I've never made a move, because she had a boyfriend the whole time but just two weeks ago she and her boyfriend split up and I knew quite a bit about the whole ordeal because she confided in me a lot during the last few months of their relationship, which were pretty bad months.
Eventually, I'm absolutely going to ask her out because I can't not. She's amazing. But my question is, when is it appropriate to do so? And maybe even more importantly, how? I've never been great at the whole asking a girl out thing but this is like, the first time I've just felt "suck it up, she's worth every bit of a try".
Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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  • u are a beta orbiter... nothing more...
    even if she agree on date she sees you as a friend only because u spend much time with her and talked to her a lot and u believe she will be ur girlfriend come on ,... lets be fkn real she is not
    just tell her lets grab a coffe this weekend at 8 pm
    if she agrees meaby u got a chance but probably not
    if she says she got other things to do just leave her and stop giving her attention

  • Ask.


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