Im stuck in a weird situation?

Okay so my husband used to beat me and he used to manipulate me and like I've always felt resentment towards him. he's always called me fat and ugly and that im a bitch.. i put up with it because i have no where to go.. he suggested that we become open like a year ago.. I've been with a couple people just like to fuck nothing serious.. he hasn't been able to get any girls because he's not that attractive.. and well recently I've been going out with this guy and he makes me feel so good about myself like daaamm I don't know like he's so different.. he's sweet he listens he's just there for me like I don't know i think im falling for this guy.. is that like wrong of me? Like my husband is talking to girls and is in the phone with them and I don't know i dont really care like he doesn't tell me who he is talking to but they call him at 3am when i get home.. he makes me tell him who im talking to but he doesn't wanna tell me who he is talking to but idc like im really feeling this guy.. i just wanna know if this is like wrong of me.. what do you guys think?


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  • This is a fucked up situation.

    Why aren't getting divorced?

    • im trying. .

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    • Yeah i am im like not happy here... like at all

    • I can only guess what it means and feels like.

      I really hope you can correct this situation because it seems you are young and have a long your ahead of you

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  • No, it's not "wrong" because you are in an open relationship, but I think it is not the optimal Situation for you because you Need to get away from your abusive husband.

  • He is not good for you leave now

  • You married the ugly bastard. Deal with it. Bitches are so stupid going for ugly bastards. Just whores.

    • Mmmm

    • I'd like some bbw. Where are'ya? Are you Texas?

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