Is it bad that I need a man to make me happy?

People have said that I should stop depending on men to make me happy. Since I’ve never had a relationship I’m just waiting for someone to date me. Feminists always shame me: “you don’t need a man! You’re ruining the feminist movement!”


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  • That's what feminists do... they try to bring other women down to their level of misery by shaming them.

    Men and women need each other... it's normal. Stop listening to feminists or you will end up as miserable as they are.

    • I hate feminists

    • Me too. They hate me, after all. They say they don't, but their action prove they do.

      By the way, men need women too. It's a two way street. That's how nature intended it.

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  • I don’t believe it counts in regards to some movement.. you can’t rely on another person solely for your own individual happiness. That is more responsibility than you think it to be! Only you can make yourself happy by knowing what you want, being proactive, and making something of yourself. Doing things you enjoy most cause you enjoy doing them. Remember that once that person leaves you, you may believe you “lost” that “happiness” but in actual fact, you maybe just forgetting what’s your place on things or how you normally are. A person can only “help” in making you happy. If you don’t know what you want in life, you’ll feel lost. Know what your looking for before you give yourself up to the wrong hands..


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  • My mom was like that. She secretly told my wife about a year or two after my dad died that "I need a man." My mom got one about 3.5 years after my dad died.

  • What are you waiting for, I'm here to date ya


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