He didn't kiss me, even when I asked him to?

Hi, I started a new job in an office in July and I used to sit in front of this guy and we used to talk like small talk and then I moved desks and didn't see him for a long time. Until he asked one of my male friends if I was seeing someone and if I was going to the Christmas party. this was in November so obviously he still remembered me although we hadn't talk for a while. Things I was engaged and my friend told him but things weren't going great with my boyfriend at the time so when I found out he thought I was "fit" as he said to my friend, I started sending him casual emails, and we started talking via email every day. We would talk everyday via email and sometimes he would come over my desk just to say hi. Everyone thought he was interested in me but I had a boyfriend so we never talked anything about it. At the day of the Christmas party, we were together all night, he never left me even when I said "go talk t other girls" we never went. We drunk a bit and we went dancing and things got really hot and then he whispered in my ear "I really wanna kiss you" and I said "me too" but he said "we can't it's wrong" which I accepted but then we kept dancing and touching each other and then we went outside and I talked to him and said things with my boyfriend weren't great and I was probably gonna break up with him. When we came back to the club we kept dancing and then I said "I really need to kiss you" and he just said "better not" and we didn't kiss. We kept dancing and touching and he kept saying how gorgeous I am and when we left he hold my hand all the way to the car asking if I was OK. We rented a room in a hotel with 3 other people and we slept next to each other and he didn't try anything but he fell asleep holding my hand and cuddling. I left before he woke up so we didn't talk. I broke up with my boyfriend at the weekend but because we're living together it's a hard situation so we still live in the same house. On Monday I told him what had happened with my boyfriend hoping he would make a move but instead he kept giving me relationship advice and when I tried to bring up what happened with us he kept trying to avoid it and change subject. I told him I'm moving out soon and we keep talking and he is the one to email me first and ask me to go on lunch with him but he just doesn't seem interested in me now. I keep trying to flirt with him and giving him clues that I want him but he doesn't correspond... What do you think?


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  • Let him come to you, your making yourself way to available and easy.

    If this guy really wants you (which as far as you've said..it sounds like he does quite a bit)..

    wait it out a little, it's a fresh break up and what has happened will take time to sink in, he won't want to the rebound guy or the mistake. Take it slow, wait for him to talk to you, it sounds like he's clearly interested but maybe he doesn't want things to happen to quickly.

    Appreciate this, if he was a scum bag like most other men out there, he'd be trying to catch you at your most vulnerable so just be patient and whatever happens, happens.

    Also, I hope you broke up with your boyfriend for good reasons, not just to make yourself single.

    Good luck (: