Is 6'2" height considered tall for a man?

This is a subjective topic and everyone sees it differently but I'm still curious what do others think. Personally, I consider it slightly tall because in our country the average height for a man is 5'11".


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  • It's not subjective. Obviously is the average height is 5'11 than being 3 inches taller than the average would emphatically make them tall.

    • It is subjective. Everyone sees it differently. While a woman who is 5'9 stands just a bit shorter than a male who is average, a woman who is 5'1 sees him as tall and in every country, the average height is a different, sometimes significantly.

    • I stamd 6'2, when i see someone else who is 6'2 or even 6'1 i know that they are tall even though they are the same height or shorter than i bevause they are taller than the average man.
      I brought this point up to someone else; just because a little person who is 4'0 stands next to someone who is 5'0 which is obviously an entire foot taller doesn't mean they ate going to think that person is tall. Yes, they will realize that they are considerably taller than they, but they understand that by no means is that the norm. That's why we have averages. Anything below the average is short, anything above is tall.

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  • I’d consider that tall.


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  • I consider 5'8 and up tall, so definitely.

    • For a women maybe but for a man 5'8 is tiny.

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    • To a little petson you are tall but just because you're taller than them doesn't make you tall. This has to do with the average height in society, not based on your own height in comparison.

    • @jimyee Like the asker said, it's a subjective topic. Just because society considers a certain height to be tall doesn't mean I have the exact same view and mindset.

      She asked if 6'2 was tall, I consider 5'8 and up tall, so I gave my opinion on that.

  • Yeah it’s tall.


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