Guys help!!! Why did he agree with someone that we're together but yet were technically not?

This guy I have been dating (but aren't officially a couple) and I saw someone i knew and she assumed we were a couple so she asks "you guys are still together" and he said yes after I said no.
Why would he agree with her when we are technically not a couple?
Help!!! I need some insight!


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  • Either he's joking or he thinks he already won you over and its all going good

    • What? Won me over?
      I'm talking about why he said we were a couple?

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    • @mosadi it's okay no worries.
      Really, 😯 when did not discussing that topic start!
      How would you know the official date of you're anniversary then I feel like?

    • Did you ever bring it up with your boyfriend?

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  • Maybe he wanted the other girl to think so because she was interested in him too but he was not interested in her. So he told her that to get her off his back.

    • No it was an older woman, my friends mom

    • Well why don't you add this important information in your post then? I can't give any insight without the proper details.:(

    • I guess I should of specified

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