How to avoid an awkward situation?

I hooked up with this waiter I met at a festival who works at this popular bar. Post hook-up he told me he wanted to see me again long story short he never contacted me again.

The bar he works at opens again next week and my friends were planning on going and obviously I want to go wether or not he’s there.

But me being my insecure self I would feel too self-conscious just going there because before we hooked up I bumped into him many times and he is convinced it was planned (which it wasn’t) and he will obviously think I’m going for him and yes I do care what he thinks.

Should I message him to let him know? And what exactly should I say?


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  • Fuck'em. Regardless of if he thinks you're trying to run into him on purpose you gotta live your life. It might be a little awkward but that just goes with the territory of having a one night stand.

  • Yes message him

  • I don't see how it will not be awkward


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