Would I have a better chance at dating someone from another state?

I have a crush on another cubing youtuber who has 73,000 subscribers on YouTube and 3,000 followers on Instagram. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for 6 months. He’s also my idol. He lives in the same country as me just different state
He’s 24
I don’t want him for fame


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  • I would consider getting to know him first and seeing if he is seeing anyone else. I would also see if he has the same interest in you as you have in him. I think it could be a good thing you just have to address those things.

    • I know a little bit about him from online and the last i heard about any type of relationship was when he was 19 he did a live stream with my other crush Feliks because they’re good friends and he said he was busy living the player life. He’s 24 now and hasn’t mentioned anything about a relationship

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    • Sorry I did not click the open up, but count that as double thanks!!!

    • I will it’s ok. That’s makes me even more excited to see him this weekend

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