How do I stop thinking about him?

I’ve fallen hard for my current relationship. He’s perfect for me in every respect except for the fact that we are long-distance and speak different languages. I keep gushing about him to basically anyone who will listen. He’s all I want to talk about, and I can’t go for long without thinking about him. I don’t want to have such an unhealthy obsession over him, especially when I can see it starting to annoy my friends. How do I get my mind off of him?


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  • Stay busy and active! Don’t get entranced that you lose yourself. Keep doing the things you enjoy. It’s okay to think of him, it’s normal, when you do, just send him a quick test saying “thinking of you” so you get it out of your system from wanting to tell someone. Now you’ve told him and you’re not being that friend who gushes making her other friends annoyed. Lol


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  • Ahh another long distance relationship

    Im happy bcs got engaged with my LDR boyfriend

    I wish the same to you!💕

    Good luck😊

  • Girl we are on the same boat🤣

    • How far’s yours? Mine’s about 3,600 miles, 4,055 when I’m at college.

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