Why am I the one calling him??

OK so first off me and this guy have been talking for about a week and he always seems to have fun talking but the past couple days I've been like why do I always call him. at first it was him calling and texting me every hour or so just cute little stuff like "i miss you" and stuff like that. he'd also text me good morning and leave cute messages wishing me a great day. so I in turn starting beating him to the punch once or twice and he seemed to love that. here's the thing though, recently the past couple of days as my winter break gets closer and closer he's seemed less enthusiastic and its kinda bugging me. I mean if he likes me and nothings altered then why have the cute texts stopped and why has he started waiting around all day not making any contact? I mean I tell him anytime we get off the phone "call me whenever you want" like I give him no restrictions yet I've had to call him every time this week. I'm just wondering with to think about this. I've been hurt by guys doing this before so my natural reaction is to let him do whatever and just keep that wall or not caring up but I don't want him to think that I'M the one losing interest. UGH why are guys so difficult I mean I have more boy drama than f***ing Will and Grace...HELP!


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  • Well, why would if he have reason to call you? If you're going to be the one making that move on a regular basis? I say take the back seat for a while and do not contact him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. He will wonder where you are, and why he hasn't heard from you, and will start contacting you again.

    • ill give that a try maybe if I just wait a whole day or more hell start to get the hint

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