Guys, If You Can Talk Sex, Why Can’t You Say You Like Her?

If you can say you’d like to sleep with someone in person or method of today’s technology, why can’t you just say I’m interested in you or I like you. That’s not a commitment, just a statement. Lol I see so many women struggle with “does he like me”?


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  • Sex isn't emotional.


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  • Guys are logical in thinking. To us "I love you", "I like you", or such makes us feel responsible like a verbal agreement for business or just "guys code".

    Perhaps this is also why it is more common for girls hug each other than guys hugging guys.

    So no. It may not he a commitment, but it's more than a statement. It could mean a statement of honor or responsibility to us.

  • Because the statement is childish. You are 45+ so you are more of a get to the point type of person.

    • Wasn’t asking for myself. Smh. I would agree 20+ people are childish

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