This is a weird situation. HELP?

So i recently started seeing this girl and its weird. She's not talkative at all on messages towards me at all and i thought it was a lost cause. Then we hung out and couldn't stop talking and couldn't keep our hand to ourselves and she asked me to stay the night. We didn't even sleep together because we talked about it and she doesn't on the first date and neither do I. It went well, we went to breakfast the next morning and when i left to go home finally we kissed and 10 minutes later she messaged me to text her when i got home safe. So seems good right? Now its later that day and we're back to the 1 word responses with little to no thought in them. Maybe she's bad at IM maybe? Thats what i thought at first as well... but she messaged other in complete sentences and all that. So im getting mixed signals and don't know if she truly like me. I think she does. What do you think?


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