Is he a narcissist?

This guy I have been seeing on and off went out of town for a week to Atlanta he said for work... so I was having car problems and I called him to ask did he know anyone who does Tran work or can he do it he said no which was a lie... so then I asked him several days later and I said to him I thought I had a friend and he said wow that one hurt... and then I asked him did he know a good divorce lawyer and he said no I wish I did... so the next day he called me... I he said why are you saying I don’t care bla bla... then he said he will fix the car bc the guy was trying to rip me off... so I sent him a text expressining how I feel about our situation and asked him did he want to move closer or stay away... he never responded to my text... it has been a week. It’s like he is giving me the silent treatment... I did call a family member if his dumb... why wouldn’t he just say he doesn’t want anything right now instead he ignores my text. Is he doing this to punish me?


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