So kinda need help on something with Asian girls specially from Indonesia?

So am on this dating app called okcupid, and it seems like almost every girl who likes me there is Asian feom Thailand or Indonesia more from Indonesia...
The weird thing is there are plenty of other girls from different places. Am not complaining of course but there is two or three things i need answered
First of all : is there's anything special about me that attracts them to me like my looks or the place i live in?
Second: this dating have some matching algorithm that shows you how much a match you would make with the other person i dont give it much thought tbh but its always high when the girls is Asian does that mean I'll get along better with Asians? Is that the reason why they like me back?
Last thing : i can't seem to be able to make any kind of useful connections with the girls that swiped me right... They're always shy and not talkative so i really dont know how to properly deal with them, any advice?

Pls hlp


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