How do I deal with this?

I never been good with girls all my life because of many different things about me that never appealed to girls. But I met this one girl (let’s call her Lexi) who loves everything about me. Lexi told me that I got something that isn’t for most girls, but it’s exactly what she wants. We been texting for a couple of months and I swear that it feels like we’re spiritually compatible. I never felt this way for someone and she told me that she never felt this way for someone too.

But of course when good things happen, there’s a polar opposite that comes out of it. She been depressed on and off. I was very concerned about her because she told me to be patient with her. I’m never a patient person at all, but I became patient for her. She been gone for about a week or two then come back better. Now lately her depression been on and off more frequently. It’s to the point she’s been gone more than talking to me.

When she comeback, she tells me everything that’s been going on and ask for me to wait a little bit longer until she feels all there. She’s juggling with school, work, and her mental state. She told me that her inbox been full of people concerned about her, but she always talk to me only since she could feel like it’s a bit harder on me. When days go by, I feel my patience thinning. It’s just that I want to talk to her, but I know she’s going through some stuff.


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