Have you dated with someone so similar to you?

I dated some guy who is 5 year older than me but he is so similar to me that we know what each other thinks just by switching positions. And our assumptions made about each other are almost always right (verified). We broke up bc his parents don't like me ( we even have the same type of racist and controlling parents)
After we broke up , we chose to do the same immature thing and used another person to make each other jealous , and when I asked him If he wanted to get back he said yes immediately. We still rarely argue.
It's really scary how similar we are , I dont know if it's a good thing or bad thing. have you ever met someone like that?


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  • Sounds like a Romeo and Juliet situation. Dumb... romeo and juliet. You guys broke up because of parents? Hell.. if i met a girl... and my parents were like "we dont want you dating her"... im gonna have to marry that girl on the spot.
    i mean, its my (your) life... they are gonna die off one day... but you will live on with whomever you are with. And i like him... no hesitation because he knows better... guys tend to know if a girl is right for them or not. Its women that never seem to know if a guy is right for them... cuz they ask too many questions and look at way more factors than they need to... end up confusing themselves. Oh... and dont forget greed...

    • Oh well our family are both conservative one is orthodox one is oriental... and we are still students so parents do have a lot effect on us. I feel both of us need to grow up. But thank you for the opinion! Maybe one day he ll stand up for his wife

    • id just ask simple questions...
      "do i like him?"... yes
      "do i want him?"... yes
      then fuck the world... ima go for him
      I can understand kissing your parents ass because of not wanting to lose their support... BUT... thats where NOT telling them comes in. Hiding it.

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  • not really... my boyfriend and i are very different people... and i guess we balance each other out

    • That's good match too I guess, compensation is good

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  • I think you won the lottery


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  • No but I have a couple crushes that share my interest


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