How do you get over commitment issues?

So I asked a question earlier today about what’s wrong with me. I talked about how I don’t like to get close to people and I act distant. I’m kinda with someone right now. WELL, we’ve been dating and we are exclusive but I’m always distant with him.

And I asked why I was like this when I should’ve asked what can I do to change this. Because I love the person I’m with but I’ve never told him.

I’m mostly terrified. Everyone I’ve had in my life has left. My dad left before I was born (I did seek him out later and he wanted nothing to do with me. Had a family of his own). My mom dropped me off at my grandmas when I was 12, told me she was going to the grocery store and just never came back. And my grandma passed away when I was 17. I’ve kind of been on my own since.

I know this is what’s holding me back from letting someone in. I’m scared they’ll leave. That I’m not good enough. They’ll see me the same way my parents saw me and figure out that I’m just not worth it.
But how do I get over this? I’m so tired of feeling this way. I just want to be happy.


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  • You sound like you need some personal counseling, to get you on track to where you can be emotionally present and available, with a guy.


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