Did he ever like me? Please read the details and tell me your thoughts?

I just got frozen out by a guy I was with 6 months. I was shocked it lasted so long as we lived in different cities and he had to come on a 3 hour bus journey every weekend. He told me when he graduated he was going to live in London. We got closer and he said he wasn't going anymore because things had changed. He knew I'd been dumped by my guy before him for him to 'try again' with his ex ( he was with her a month! Was a bit smug...) and knew how hard I found out being thrown out for another woman. He even said when I told him this "i don't want to hurt you". Fast forward 2 months from this, he changes his Facebook profile photo. I don't snoop on Facebook, so it was a first time I flicked through his photos. I noticed this little chubby girl liked all his photos and had written on one photo the year before he met me: "my life destiny". I wondered who she was. Clicked on her profile. She lived in London. It was full of crap about long distance love. I put 2 and 2 together. I sent him a text early morning, he was off his guard, saying "is your girlfriend in London coming home?" He replied "no 😊😊". I wrote "so you have got a girlfriend in London then, and not just friends like you told me?" He said she was, but things were different now, She wasn't anymore. We had a conversation on this and it ended with him admitting it pretty much, asking: "why are you getting involved with this? She's not even here! She's 2000 miles away!" I said you get rid of her. I deserve better than this. After a month of being shitty with each other, I said how do you feel about me. He said an attachment exists but I believe yours is stronger and you expect more than I can offer and I'm wondering where we are going and I'm scared we will end up hurt. I unfriend etc but he writes 3 weeks on & tells me I'm very nice & amazing and he knows he did wrong things with me & he's sorry it got so shitty. I still dont get why he lied & dragged me into his shit. Did he actually ever like me?


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  • I think not. Because he was so blinded with his ex that he couldnt, now, he feels bad, but its too late, because he didn't assume what he should before.
    Sorry for him, but on my opinion he must suffer, and you deserve a better man, one who loves you at the start.

    • She wasn't his ex. He never dumped her. Read it again

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    • He changed his mind about London because of me but it was too late because I found out about her still being the albatross on our relationship before he could dump her

    • I told him I deserved better when I found out about chunk in London because I couldn't believe he'd ever fuck her

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  • Apparently not as much as the other. But let's be honest, didn't you think if he found someone closer he would go for it. It's hard to be spontaneous when you live 3 hrs away, or 1.5 hours if you were talking round trip. If he is trying to come back to you it will be only because he and the other girl didn't work out. Fool me once, shame on you- fool me twice, shame on me. Don't give him a 2nd chance to "fool" you again. He dumped you so let it stand and move on.

    • Read it again. The other girl lived in London. He had her before me and i found out

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    • And as for someone closer? A girl he worked with was always around like a bad smell but he didn't like her so much

    • I guess it all doesn't matter then, does it? It's done, finished, and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

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