Guy advice please?

Known this guy for a couple months. He is my sisters boyfriends close friend. He is sweet, really understanding and just overall really genuine, he has had a past of bad relationships that ended over 2+ years ago, I’m the same.
We have been on one date, I’ve slept at his house 3 times, met his mum etc, he has slept at my house once & met my whole family at my cousins birthday BBQ, I’ve also had sex with him twice.
He says he likes me & I believe him because actions speak louder then words.
He says he does like me too but he isn’t ready for a relationship, I’m not ready for one either so what would you do?
I told him that if he doesn’t want to get to know me further then I don't know what he wants from me and I’m ready to walk away if he says no to wanting to get to know me more, i just don’t know if I should fight for this one even because I really like him.
Like do I wait?
Do I get to know him more?
He wants to be single but I refuse to waste my time on him if he is going to go sleeping around with girls knowing that I feel for him. (I’m not saying he can’t because he is single & he can do whatever he wants, it’ll just hurt my feelings)


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  • You both agreed to each other that you are not ready for a relationship. So keep doing what you're doing and see where things lead.

    • But he says he wants to get to know me. But doesn’t make any effort to?

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    • I feel very highly for this person & I just can’t imagine him not being in my life.

    • Sorry that this is happening. He might be a little scared and closing himself off. Maybe he isn't really ready and he is trying to stay back so it doesn't happen suddenly. There are many "maybe's" to think about here. Can you go back to talking to him and hanging out with him like you did before all this was brought up? Sounds like he keeps dwelling on his past bad relationships and doesn't want that again. As someone who has been in two horrible ones, I don't want that to happen again either.

  • Its easy, you want a monogamic relation he wants polylove, so, explain him your wishes and respect his.
    If he isn't ready to pass the page, may be he isn't for you at all.

  • Your response is “well when you are ready let me know IF I’m still single” and move on


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