Will he call on my birthday?

The love of my life left me two months ago because he needed space and was feeling like the spark was gone. I was in a position of believing it was the best it had ever been. We were together for about 2 years, and lived together for about a year and 5 months. I moved out the next day, and have been deeply upset ever since. In the last two months we've had a small handful of friendly spells where we'd go out to tea, or lunch... we even went to a concert and cuddled up to a movie afterward. It has now been 2 weeks with no contact. All of the contact since the break up was him, as I promised myself not to initiate anything. A while ago, we talked about hanging out on my birthday and he invited me to his company party, which falls on the same day. I said I would love to go, and that was pretty much one of our last conversations. Well tomorrow is my birthday. We haven't spoken in two weeks. I'd imagine he will try to contact me to at least wish me a good day. I'm confused as to what to do. My absolute hope and wish is to get back together, and I want to respect his need for space... but what do I do in these circumstances? I've decided if he texts me, I will not reply... he was my closest, and most treasured friend for the last two years and he literally threw me in the garbage can. No regard for how hard this is. If he calls... I think I'll let it ring through and call me at some other point. If he invites me to the party again, I don't know. I mean, I'd LOVE to spend my birthday with the man I love, but does this seem too desperate? I really don't have anything else going on, but should I try to find something? Would he feel like he has complete control? I don't want to play games, and that would mean following my heart. My heart says go spend time with him, but if that essentially pushes him further away... what do I do? The last possibility is that he doesn't contact me at all, which would be the most definitive solution of all. I would then know that we are done and he's completely given up hope on this. What do YOU think? Help me! Thanks.

He called me. He made it a birthday from hell. He told me if was over completely and he wanted no contact because it was too hard. I said we went from best friends to not friends at all and he just said he was sorry and didn't love me. Great day.


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  • LOL... Let me tell you this the man/boy I loved said how much he wanted to be with me in the future and no contact for 2 months. My birthday came around. He didn't even say happy birthday. I asked him did he forget he said "Nov 12, how could he not remember" and still didn't say happy birthday! or text or call...NOTHING...YUP.

    So I was dumb for asking him did he forget my birthday. He knew I still loved him and wanted to be with him.

    It seems like this guy may still like/care for you but I wouldn't get my hopes up, him calling for your birthday. Please don't ask him did he forget...lol..Plan something else for your birthday and don't wait on HIM to make a move. Just do something you love and continue to move on with your life. I agree you guys are DONE if he doesn't even say happy birthday. Sometimes its okay to say it to someone after a break up. But once its OVER ITS OVER!


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  • LOL...so he did call basically to tell you its over. Which is good and bad. At least he didn't just disappear. LOL

    But he told you the truth and respect it and just move on to someone better. That will LOVE YOU!

  • did he call for your birtady?