Guys, does my guy friend like me, or is he just looking out for me?

i’ve noticed recently that my friend gets touchy whenever another guy approaches me (mainly in clubs).

eg. if im talking to someone he will wrap his arm around my shoulders and pull me away, or he will hold my hand to get me away from crowds. i told him one time: “a guy from work said he wanted to get me drunk” and he got mad and said “im the only one that’s allowed to get you drunk, i’ll beat him up” that same night he called me cute but i don’t know if it’s just the drinks talking.

anyways, he also has a girlfriend (who he cheats on a lot, but she’s somehow okay with it? I don't know their relationship is kinda fucked up but not really my business)

all i want to know is, is he just being protective over me or is this some type of jealousy?
hello, still need information please.


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  • He seems very controlling. Unhealthy friendship. He's possessive. Find some guy. Go on a date. Make it known you are seeing someone. I'd stay away from dude. Cheaters rarely make a good friend. He seems like a shitty person.

  • It sounds obnoxious to me. He's not with you but he's driving away potential suitors. Why do you hang out with him?


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