Do you think he might like me?

There is this guy that is in my group of friends and I think he might be into me but I am not sure.

I notice that he stares at me with awe and he always hugs me a long time. For his bday I made him a nice letter cake which he was so happy about. He said I was so precious and hugged me tightly.

I noticed that there is a snow trip for $59 on fb so I shared a link to my friendship whatsapp group. Everyone but him said they can't make it.

You spend a 12 hour day at the snow.

He said this

"Yeah I will jsut see in my schedule if I have clients that day otherwise I would love to come! I love the snow!

So days passed and I followed up with him to see if he was still interested in going.

He said "yeah why not, I love the snow and it looks like a good opportunity".

I told him to get his ticket quick which he did.

Do you think considering he knows that he is going to spend a day with me alone, he might like me or just wanting to see the snow?
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