Would you date a guy with no job, no car, no license and an Eating disorder?

Not exactly a glowing advertisement. I'm not saying the guy has nothing to offer, I'm saying he has those three things. He is in recovery for the ED, but he is thin. He is working towards getting a job and he is working towards getting a car as well. And a license. I'm not going to pretend this is a hypothetical question, it's not.

I'm not saying if a stranger came up to you and said "Hi I'm so and so I have no job, no car, and an ED want to go on a date with me?" if you would say yes. I'm asking if you got to know the guy and hit it off, would those three factors be an issue.
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Also, which of those would be the biggest issue.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If I got to know the guy and we hit it off, I would try to help him with those things.

    • Even the eating disorder? He doesn't look like a model, he's very skinny and in ED recover you gain weight... disproportionately at times.

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    • Basically people with ED gain more weight in their stomach first and then the weight distributes later on. To varying degrees, but their body type changes.

    • If I was really into the guy, I wouldn't leave him over that.

Most Helpful Guy

  • She have to have good qualities to overcome those issues. If she did, and was fun to be around, I'd gladly pay for a date for us. No car wouldn't bother me anyway.

    For a guy, though, it is more of a problem that he is jobless and doesn't have a car.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sure. As long as he is actively trying to beat his demons and work towards a job/car etc then as long as we got on, it'd be fine.


What Guys Said 2

  • I mean, it would be convenient if he had a job or car or license but if we truly loved and found each other to be great partners then we would manage that hurdle together :)

  • If it didn't interfere with my life, like if she needed to be driven around or she consistently asked for money or she was stopping me from eating my favorite food because it made her uncomfortable, then I wouldn't mind and courting can continue.


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